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Finnigan & Shaw restoration of Edward Burne-Jones & William Morris window, St Michael's Parish Church, Linthithgow

Edward Burne-Jones


William Morris

St. Michael's Parish Church


Restored for Malcolm Hammond Architects. The window designed by Edward Burne-Jones was built by Morris and Co in 1899. Both Burne-Jones & Morris were influential in the style which became known as The Arts and Crafts Movement. 

Due to the historical importance of this window it was vital to fully document each point of interest, a process that we carry out for all of our restoration and conservation projects. 

It involves making an annotated rubbing of the window which notes all lead size, fractured panes of glass, the location of copper ties and any structural irregularities.

Each glass fracture is carefully evaluated in line with our code of conservation, from which we proceed by conserving and retaining the original fabric of the window where at all possible through to reproducing glass, using our glass archives and artists to recreate the original glass that has been lost.

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