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Finnigan & Shaw background collaboration with Anya Gallaccio
Finnigan & Shaw collaboration with Anya Gallaccio

Anya Gallaccio


Jupiter Artland

Anya Gallaccio approached us through Jupiter Artland to realise an artwork constructed of volcanic glass, obsidian. The challenge was to join the sliced obsidian to form one piece without losing the external profile of the individual slices. At the same time placing the pieces as densely together as possible without cutting nor filling the voids left between. Utilising U section leads our team worked with Gallaccio to place each slice, noting the unique striations and translucence of each, to create movement and direction in the finished artwork. The external slices were cut by hand to form a deliberate edge profile to fit within the supporting frame. The finished artwork is one piece, held within the frame using traditional copper ties. An immensely rewarding project that shows architectural glass and traditional craft have a place in contemporary Art.

Hello Darkness was exhibited as part of NOW exhibition at the National Galleries of Scotland, Modern Art One and is now permanently housed at Jupiter Artland.

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